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How To Get Shiny, Healthy Hair

[ 1 ] January 29, 2009 |

Shiny, healthy hair:  It is highly coveted by both men and women.  Those who have it show off and the ones who lost it will do almost anything to grow it back.  There are a plethora of hair products and potions on the market promising miracles.  Unfortunately, most of them do more damage than good.  In talking to several health and wellness specialists the motto seems to be ‘less is more’.

Don’t wash hair too often:

Your scalp needs time produce its own nourishing oils.  Washing daily especially with a concentrated shampoo will only exaserbate (lack of) hair problems.  You will lose the naturally-produced oils that help create rich, healthy hair and the scalp may go into overdrive producing even more oil to compensate for the loss.

Use fewer products:

We are conditioned (pun intended) to believe we need gel, mousse and hairspray to look polished.  While it will tame flyaways and other problems, people are likely using much more product than they need.  Not only does that expose your scalp and hair to more chemicals it forces you to wash more frequently.  Try to limit the number of products used and/or the amount.

Condition with coconut oil:

Coconut oil is fantastic for hair, skin and stress relief.

Coconut oil is fantastic for hair, skin and stress relief.

This is an essential part of the regimen for women in India, particularly in the south.  It seems they have found the magic potion.  Their thick, luxurious hair is highly sought-after by European and North American companies who buy their long hair and turn it into weaves and extensions.  The finished product fetches tens of thousands of dollars and is used by women all around the world, including Hollywood starlets like Paris Hilton and Beyonce.  They have the women of south India to thank for their stunning, natural hair extensions.

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment:

Don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on hair wigs and extensions?  Give coconut oil a try.  You will have to wait for the results but it may be worth it.  It is a lot cheaper too.

Beyonce has wigs and extensions from India where women use coconut oil to grow shiny, long hair.

Beyonce has wigs and extensions from India where women use coconut oil to grow shiny, long hair.

Once a week, apply a few tablespoons of warm coconut oil to your scalp (more for long hair).  For direct access to the scalp use an old hair color bottle with a pointed tip.  That will ensure the oil goes directly to the scalp.  Rub what is leftover throughout your hair.  Keep it in as long as you can, preferably overnight.  Put on a plastic shower cap and cover your pillow case with a towel.  Your scalp will thank you.  And you will sleep like a baby.  If you cannot wear it overnight, wait at least an hour before rinsing it out with a gentle shampoo and conditioner.

Eat your fruits, veggies and nuts:

I have addressed the benefits to eating well in other articles but if you need more incentive, think: shiny, healthy hair.  While it is trendy to eat low or no-fat foods it does absolutely nothing for your skin and hair.  Eat well and workout two or three times a week.  Looking good – the natural way – takes some work but the payoff is spectacular and you will set a great example for others.

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