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LUSH Gorgeous Moisturizer: Review

[ 0 ] February 5, 2009 |

LUSH could not have come up with a better name for this product.  Gorgeous moisturizer is just that – gorgeous.  It is smooth as silk with a breathtaking floral scent.  Now I’ll be honest:  At $84.95 a jar I really did not want to like this.  But I do.  A lot.  Unlike many prestige products that are priced high just for marketing purposes, this product really does deliver.

LUSH Gorgeous moisturizer: Expensive but wonderful.

LUSH Gorgeous moisturizer: Expensive but wonderful.

After taking a closer look at the ingredient list I understand why this is the most expensive product at LUSH. Gorgeous moisturizer contains a number of nutritious oils which are cold-pressed, the best way to extract essential vitamins and nutrients.  Also, the product is scented with neroli (orange blossom) oil and water.  Neroli is one of the most expensive oils on the market mainly because it takes a lot of those tiny, white flowers (picked by hand) to get just a drop of oil.

Throw in for good measure, the royal connection.  Neroli is named after an Italian princess from the Renaissance period.  It became her trademark after she scented her gloves with the precious flowers.  Centuries later, another royal – Princess Diana – would use this actual cream.

Back to Gorgeous:  It is a lightweight moisturizer more suited for combination, oily skin or during the summer.  For dry skin types who fall in love with this like I did (it is addictive) you will likely have to ‘top-up’ with another, heavier moisturizer.  If you want to stick with the LUSH brand I would suggest Skin’s Shangri La (please see my review for that cream too).  You may want to use Gorgeous sparingly.  The scent is glorious but it may be overpowering if you wear too much.  Plus, it is not cheap.  What’s that saying, ‘too much of a good thing’…?

Lush Gorgeous Moisturizer.  Buy It Here.

$84.95 for 45 grams

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