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Cheat your way to smooth, soft skin with ClearPrep FX: Review

[ 4 ] March 30, 2009 |

The quest for smooth, wrinkle-free skin can be a daunting one, fraught with danger (cosmetic procedures gone horribly wrong) and disappointment (money well-wasted).  Whether you work in front of a camera or in another high-profile capacity requiring a lot of “face time”, looking your best can make all the difference.

In recent years, cosmetic laser procedures and chemical peels have promised younger, wrinkle-free skin but these procedures can carry significant risk and a large price tag.  Is there an alternative? Yes.

Get smooth skin with ClearPrep FX by Cover FX

Get smooth skin with ClearPrep FX by Cover FX

Cosmetic priming products can also help achieve that soft-focus look.  The results may not be permanent or immediate like that of a laser or chemical peel but it is usually a more cost-effective method with a lower risk level.

Cover FX released a new, interesting product.  ClearPrep FX is both a matte foundation primer and blemish treatment gel.  The ingredient listing is impressive.  Dimethicone (silicone) gives the illusion of smooth, wrinkle-free, skin.  ClearPrep FX also has fruit acids and 1% salicylic acid (BHA derived from willow bark extract) to help exfoliate, increase skin cell turnover and remove sebum buildup.  If that isn’t not enough, the product also contains peptides to help heal blemishes and regulate skin’s oil production.

This could very well be a miracle product.  Normally, I would advise sensitive skin types to avoid products containing a host of ingredients but it seems a lot of research has gone into this product.  It’s also designed specifically for sensitive skin.  If you are concerned about a potential reaction just do a patch test (ie. on the neck or behind the  ear).

The product is available online at Sephora and in select store locations.

ClearPrep FX by Cover FX

30ml/1 fl. oz for $39.00

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