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Get Lucky With LUSH: St. Patty’s Day Bath Bomb Giveaway

[ 2 ] March 16, 2009

St. Patrick’s Day has to be the coolest celebration of the year.  Hardly any stress and all are encouraged to drink and be merry.  Anything goes.  My colleague in New York is making green Rice Krispie squares for her fiance’s party where everyone will wear green, drink Guinness and sing Danny Boy.

I’m going to a fashion show (don’t know if I’ll wear green!) but plan to unwind afterward in a hot tub filled with, yup, green water courtesy of a bath bomb shaped like a clover!  You have to hand it to LUSH Cosmetics.  This company always comes up with great, inexpensive treats for the face and body. The Luck of the Irish bath bomb contains fresh avocados, olive oil and lemongrass oil which should have you feeling pert and peppy, especially if you got too cozy with the Guinness!

How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s day?  Let us know in the comment section below.  You can win a limited-edition Luck of the Irish bath bomb – just sign up for our updates!  Enter your email address in the box next to the red button on the top right side of this page.  You’ll automatically enter our draw.  You can purchase it too, by clicking on the green clover.  Best of luck to you – happy St. Patty’s Day!

Luck of the irish Bath Bomb

Luck of the Irish Bath Bomb, $7.95 at LUSH Cosmetics

How to Wow Your Valentine – On A Budget

[ 0 ] February 11, 2009

So Valentine’s ‘weekend’ is fast approaching.  That’s great news if you are planning to spend extra time with your beloved.  Not so great if you routinely use the excuse ‘I didn’t have enough time to plan something special’.  With so many retailers promoting this as a weekend extravaganza the pressure is on to get it right.  Before you fret about having to spend a lot of cash, though, realize that it is possible to have a romantic, sexy time – on a budget.

Breakfast/brunch in bed:

The one who likes or rather, knows how to cook (assuming one of you does) prepares a rich, hearty breakfast for two.  This is an opportunity to show off your culinary skills as long as your partner plays the role of ‘sous chef’ and/or helps clean up afterward.  Make a classic breakfast that fills your honey’s heart and tummy.  My personal favorite: Whole grain pancakes with Canadian maple syrup, blueberries and apples sauteed in butter and syrup; savory, sauteed potatoes; organic eggs and great coffee (freshly ground) or loose leaf tea brewed to perfection.


Break away for a few hours (absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?) and call your other valentines – no, not your secret lover but your mother, sister and in-laws.  You’ll score major points.  Squeeze in a vigorous workout too.  It will prepare you for later…


Treat your Valentine to a great dinner especially if you were ‘served’ breakfast earlier.  Hopefully you already made reservations at your favorite restaurant.  Don’t rule out take-out though.  It could be incredibly romantic especially if you set out the candles and fine china.  You also won’t have to travel too far to get the late-night activities underway…

The True Love gift set from LUSH contains sexy bath and massage products ($42.95 Cdn).

True Love gift set from LUSH contains sexy bath and massage products ($42.95 Cdn).

A wonderful way to set the mood is a romantic bath for two and a sensual massage.  It’s cost-effective and incredibly sexy.  My love affair with LUSH Cosmetics continues as they roll out great gift products like the limited-edition True Love set.

It contains their best-selling products including the Sex Bomb.  Three-is-not-a-crowd when you drop this bomb into the tub and watch the water turn pink, infusing the room with the scent of sensual jasmine.

Then it’s time to flex those fingers and massage one another with the heart-shaped, chocolate and honey-centered Soft Coeur Massage Bar.  Massage is the best way to relax your muscles and get you in the mood.  Best of all, you don’t have to pay the masseuse (not with money anyway :-)

The ultimate hangover cure:  LUSH's Hello Sailor gift (12.95 Cdn).

The ultimate hangover cure: LUSH's Hello Sailor gift ($12.95 Cdn).

Oh, and if you happen to wake up the next morning with a (well-earned) hangover LUSH has the remedy for that too – the Hello Sailor gift set.  It includes two shower sensations:  A sea salt shower scrub called Rub, Rub, Rub and the ultimate hangover cure, a peppermint and fennel-scented Too Drunk Emotibomb.  This is quite the product from LUSH.  Just place it in the shower, turn on the water and stand there – or sit if you don’t have the energy!  It will re-energize your senses and get you ready for round two… or three!

It is possible to spoil your Valentine this weekend and you can do it on a budget.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours…

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