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Archive for December, 2011

Dawn Desjardins of RBC Capital Markets On The EU Summit

[ 0 ] December 11, 2011

Markets bounced a bit higher on news European leaders were making progress at the Brussels summit. Still, Dawn Desjardins of RBC Capital Markets is rather cautious and says we need more details and information.

Anita Sharma Goes One-On-One with Frank McKenna

[ 0 ] December 7, 2011

Former New Brunswick premier and ambassador to the U.S., Frank McKenna, tells Anita Sharma why the new border deal between Canada and the United States is critical for the Canadian economy. The deputy chairman of TD Bank also discusses politics, giving high marks to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Cut Your Losses and Run: Howard Atkinson On Sinking Stocks

[ 0 ] December 7, 2011

Horizons ETFs CEO Howard Atkinson is a bit nervous ahead of this Friday’s critical EU summit. If you’re sitting in cash, he says you’re fine. If your portfolio is exposed to Europe though, Atkinson recommends getting out while you can.

15 Euro Nations on Credit Watch! Analysis from BMO’s Sherry Cooper

[ 0 ] December 6, 2011

A trigger-happy credit rating agency puts 15 euro nations on credit watch! This, after actually pulling the trigger on the U.S. this past summer. Is Standard & Poor’s trying to get ahead of the game to make up for missing the call on the 2008 housing crisis in the U.S.? Anita Sharma has more with Bank of Montreal’s Chief Economist Sherry Cooper on Sun News Network.

Anita Sharma Goes One-On-One with Prime Minister Stephen Harper

[ 0 ] December 4, 2011

November jobs data is rather bleak for Canada.  Back-to-back months of losses (18,600) with the unemployment rate inching up to 7.4% indicates employers remain pessimistic about hiring new workers in light of troubling global headlines.  Anita Sharma gets reaction to this data from Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

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